The Lake Tahoe Tye - Wild Hearts & Halos
The Lake Tahoe Tye - Wild Hearts & Halos

The Lake Tahoe Tye

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Choose your own adventure when you wear the Lake Tahoe Tye. In the span of a day, you could wear it five different ways! At sunrise, hike down to the lakeside castle, Vikingsholm, with the travel tye harnessed to your day bag. Then, swap it out and wear your tye as either headband or bow when you kayak out into the cool blue water of Emerald Bay. Close the day trading stories from your travels with new friends around a campfire with your tye wrapped around a wide-brimmed hat or knotted around your neck as an ascot. Your options to style your travel tye are limitless and so are you.


  • Handmade with love in San Diego 
  • Limited quantity in each color/design available 
  • Made with nonstretch, cotton fabric
  • Hand-wash recommended
  • We donate a portion of the proceeds to empowering women in Latin America for each Tye purchased

      5 WAYS TO WEAR:

      • Tye around your head as a headband
      • Tye around your neck as a scarf
      • Tye around your ponytail or messy bun in a bow
      • Tye around your hat to add some pizzaz 
      • Tye around your purse or backpack to personalize 


        (One size available)

        • 2.5’ wide X 33” long


          • ships worldwide within 5 business days. Contact us for rush orders and for shipping questions
          The Lake Tahoe Tye - Wild Hearts & Halos