Bubblegum Chick Earrings - Wild Hearts & Halos

Bubblegum Chick Earrings

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Answer adventure’s call when you wear our Peruvian earrings. The moment you slide these on, you’ll hear a voice beckoning you into the jungle. Follow it on a mighty riverboat and let these hand-embroidered earrings dangle from your ear as you peer out at the winding Amazon river before you. The earring’s patterns, so rich with color and culture, will play a chorus of pan flutes in your ear and lead you on the journey of your lifetime!


  • Handmade by talented Peruvian artisans
  • Earring interior created with authentic Peruvian textiles
  • Crafted with alpaca silver (a metal alloy of copper, nickel and sometimes zinc or iron)
  • Lightweight, non-rusting metal that's easy to clean and polish
  • Our mission is to empower female artisans who create beautiful textiles and products in Latin America
  • We give back 10% of our proceeds to empower women in Peru


  • ships worldwide within 5 business days. Contact us for rush orders and for shipping questions.